I was fortunate this week to be able to attend and speak at the annual Privacy Xchange Conference sponsored by CyberScout. There were amazing presentations during the conference, but one in particular touched me and is worthy of mention as a Privacy Tip.

Nicholas Carlisle, founder and CEO of No Bully shared his firsthand experience with bullying when he was a teenager in high school. This experience touched him deeply. He devoted the rest of his professional life to helping others, and the experience led him to a number of impressive accomplishments, including starting an organization devoted to the prevention of bullying: No Bully.

No Bully’s mission is to prevent and stop bullying, including cyber bullying . It uses a number of interventions and processes for schools and parents to adopt, called the No Bully System®.

In general, the System has four levels:

1) Prevent & build an inclusive school culture

2) Interrupt and refer to a Solution Coach

3) Hold a Solution Team and follow up

4) Implement an empathy-building action plan

Cyber bullying (and all bullying) is hurtful and can cause lasting damage. Check out nobully.org to find out more about how you can help prevent and stop bullying.