The warrant that led to the arrest of a husband for the alleged murder of his wife weaves a web of electronic evidence. Based in large part on Fitbit fitness tracker data, Connecticut authorities have charged Richard Dabate with the murder of his wife, Connie. He also faces charges of tampering with evidence and making false statements.

The warrant is a fascinating read. The prosecution claims that Mr. Dabate’s interview with police following his wife’s death on December 23, 2015, must be false based on the timeline the data creates. Over 50 pages, it documents the investigators’ attempts to track Mr. Dabate and his wife on the day of her death. It compares Mr. Dabate’s version of the events to the electronic trail that he and his wife left on that day – using Fitbit information, various IP addresses, cell phone records, emails, Facebook data, and alarm system records.

The full warrant is available at: