Here’s some more good news. Not really.

According to a recent report by Nokia, malware infections against mobile devices were at an all-time high in 2016. Infections on smartphones rose almost 400 percent and represented 85 percent of all mobile device infections.

The report notes “[F]rom these trends, it is clear that cybercrime is moving to the mobile space and that smart phones are becoming the target of choice.”

A whopping 81 percent of malware infections in the second half of 2016 affected Android devices, while Windows/PCs accounted for 15 percent of the attacks and iPhones 4 percent.

The report also points out that the security of the Internet of Things is a growing area of concern, based upon several sophisticated attacks that were successful last year. All of these findings are important for assessing and managing data security risks in an organization and for proper budgeting allocation.