What a great idea!

Trusty Consumer Reports has announced that it is collaborating with three cybersecurity firms to “create a new standard that safeguards consumers’ security and privacy—and we hope industry will use that standard when building and designing digital products such as connected devices, software, and mobile apps.” The standard is a response to the fact that most Americans do not have confidence in the privacy of their personal information. 

The standard is designed to test products specifically on their security and how that impacts the ability of the product to protect a consumer’s privacy. According to Consumer Reports, “[T]he goal is to help consumers understand which digital products do the most to protect their privacy and security, and give them the most control over their personal data.”

Consumer Reports has posted the standard as a public document and requests feedback from the technical community.

It is a challenging time when it comes to protecting privacy, particularly with new mobile apps and other products that can collect and use our personal information. Even those of us who make a living staying on top of these issues have a hard time keeping up with all of the new products and technology that impact our privacy. This standard by Consumer Reports is a welcome tool to assist all of us in the ability to keep track of which products are collecting and using our data, and which ones care the most about protecting it.