The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced this week that March 5-11 is National Consumer Protection Week. The FTC will announce different programs and events throughout the week that are designed to educate consumers on how they can protect themselves and understand their rights.

As a consumer, one thing that is easy to do and very informative is to subscribe to the FTC’s Scam Alerts. The alerts are up to date and provide valuable information to consumers about the scams that are out there that you might not read about in the daily paper. Some of the most recent Alerts include: Prize Scams: Don’t Pay to Play; Scammers are spoofing news sites to promote health products; Global Connect technical support scam, part 2, Sam money runners; A Government program that pays your bills?; and Credit Bureau Center’s Online Rental Scam.

I subscribe to the Scam Alerts and urge you to as well. And please keep the seniors in your life informed about these scams. Go to