The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued the National Do Not Call Registry (the Registry) Data Book (Data Book) for Fiscal Year 2016 last week. The Registry is used by consumers to choose not to receive telemarketing calls. Consumers can visit the Registry’s website and input their telephone number into the list. Businesses are supposed to use this Registry as a reference when making marketing calls to consumers; if the consumer is on the list, no call should be made. This Data Book (in its 8th year of publication) includes information regarding:

  • The number of active registrations and consumer complaints since the Registry began in 2003;
  • FY 2016 complaint figures by month and type;
  • FY 2016 registration and complaint figures for all 50 states and D.C., by population;
  • Rankings of the number of Do Not Call registrations, by state population;
  • The number of entities accessing the Registry by fiscal year; and
  • An appendix with registration and complaint figures organized by consumer state and area code.

According to the Data Book, the Registry contained over 226 million actively registered telephone numbers, and 5.3 million consumer complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls. Check out the Data Book here.