Blippar, an augmented reality app, recently released its facial-recognition software which allows users to scan faces with their smartphones. The Blippar app makes it possible for people to scan faces (from print, TV or in real life) and learn the person’s name and other information.

Co-Founder and CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra, says, “Our facial recognition technology combined with our knowledge graph enables people to express themselves through things they love, including their hobbies, opinions, key fun facts and so much more.” A database of over 70,000 public figures has already been created; users will also be able to scan their own face in order to add their face and personal information to the database. The biggest concern with Blippar is users’ ability to add people’s faces to the database without their permission.

In addition to facial recognition, the Blippar software can recognize brands, everyday objects or even works of art. Keep your eyes open for more apps like Blippar’s as facial recognition software becomes more easily accessible and affordable. And be aware that your face may be added to a database like this one –without you even knowing.