Those of you with Amazon Prime Now accounts love the convenience of getting goods delivered to your home RIGHT NOW, well at least within hours until Amazon drones become common place.

But beware of recent reports that fraudsters are hacking into customers’ Prime Now account, buying expensive items, then waiting outside your home while you are at work (since these fraudsters don’t have a job) and grab the item when it is delivered to your home and before you get home.

Many times this fraud occurs without the individual becoming aware of it until days or months later when they see they have been charged for an expensive item they did not purchase.

Other ways the criminals are using Amazon Prime Now accounts are to activate accounts in individuals’ names using stolen credit card and other information to open the account without the individuals’ knowledge.

Another way they victimize individuals is to send an email to the customer pretending to be from Amazon, asking for access to the customer’s Amazon account for assistance, or to review or make changes to the account and then they take over the account.

Amazon warns customers not to respond to false or phishing emails and to never allow anyone other than yourself to make any changes to your Amazon account.

My tip for today is to watch your Amazon account closely—just like your bank account and credit card and debit card accounts to make sure you are not unwittingly the victim of fraud.