A Washington Redskins trainers’ unencrypted laptop was located in a backpack that was stolen on April 15th. Unfortunately, the laptop contained medical exam results for NFL Combine attendees since 2004, which is estimated to include most current NFL players, as well as Redskin players, which could be accessible by the thief.

The backpack was in the trainer’s locked car, but the culprit broke the car window and absconded with the backpack, the laptop and the medical exam results, as well as some paper records.

The NFL Players Association notified the players of the incident by email and is alleging that the theft is a “violation of NFL and NFLPA rules regarding the storage of personal data.” The Players Association is asking the NFL to provide details about its plans to address the incident.

This is another reminder of how vitally important it is for all companies to encrypt laptops and train employees not to download data to a laptop or other portable device and how to protect portable devices from loss or theft. It is a double whammy that paper medical exam results were included, and the security of paper records should not be forgotten.