Last week, Singapore-based ALAS Pte Ltd (ALAS) demonstrated its new software system for drone navigation, integrated with insurance for all users, at the Asia Pacific Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Symposium held in Singapore.

‘ALAS’ stands for ‘Airspace Localization and Avoidance System;’ this system has the ability to make multiple autonomous drone flights safely and effectively. The plan is to work with insurance companies to offer inexpensive insurance packages that come with the ALAS software.

ALAS Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jaime Rubio Hervas, described that the software system as “WAZE in the Sky” (WAZE is a popular road navigation app). ALAS, much like WAZE, can offer real-time chats, sharing and crowd-sourcing information among users, which will greatly increase safe drone operation.

Dr. Hervas said in an interview at the symposium, “After much research, we found that there isn’t a single company which offers both a drone navigation system and insurance coverage, so we decided that we would fill that gap. Although still a work-in-progress, our insurance will be fuss-free. With a simple click-through, users can purchase insurance directly via the software, making it as convenient as possible.” ALAS is intended for use by commercial drone operators, civil aviation regulators, air traffic controllers, insurance companies, private companies and even members of the general public who wish to be aware of the drone traffic around them. For additional info, check out the ALAS website.