We previously reported that Shutterfly’s effort to dismiss the proposed biometrics class action case against it was unsuccessful [view related post]

The proposed class action suit alleged that Shutterfly violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act because Shutterfly measured the contours of the named plaintiff’s face to create a template that it used to suggest that other photos of him be tagged with his name, also known as a “faceprint.” The Judge was unwilling to dismiss the case at its earliest stage.

Last week, the case was settled and both parties moved to dismiss the case. The details of the settlement have not been released.

Facebook still battles a similar case in Illinois for collecting facial data through its facial recognition program. It states it will “vigorously defend” the suit. Facebook has been offering its tagging program since it acquired Face.com in 2012.  Facebook reportedly holds the largest amount of biometric face-recognition data in the world.