I am obviously a big advocate of teaching kids about privacy at a young age. Luckily, I am not alone. There is a new privacy curriculum that educators can use to help their students learn about privacy issues, their right to privacy and safe online usage that I want to share with our educator and school clients and friends.

The Privacy Curriculum Matrix K-12 BEaPRO™ by IKeepSafe can assist educators in setting forth a curriculum that is suited to the age of the student.

The curriculum outlines the objectives of a privacy curriculum, including awareness about data collection, why privacy matters, online terms and privacy policies, protections from identity theft, online impersonation, collection of data and respecting others’ rights to privacy, and finally about sharing their personal data and the data of others, including cyberbullying, online harassment and sexting.

The curriculum is easy to understand even if you aren’t a privacy pro, and provides practical guidance for incorporating the curriculum into your classroom. The curriculum can be accessed here: www.IKeepSafe.

If you are an educator, make your new year’s resolution to give your students tools to protect themselves for the rest of their lives.