On January 7, 2016, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced the appointment of the leadership team that will head the new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (Center), which was announced by President Obama a year ago.

The Center will be led by Director Tonya Ugoretz from the FBI (who has also worked with the CIA, Department of Homeland Security and National Intelligence Council, who will be supported by Deputy Director Maurice Bland, who worked at the NSA, and Research Director Thomas Donahue, a veteran of the Senior Intelligence Service at the CIA. Sounds like quite the team.

The Center is designed to be a central clearinghouse for cyber threat information for the intelligence community, including integrating intelligence on foreign cyber threat capabilities and activities and sharing the most up to date information with bureaus and departments in the federal government, including law enforcement.

That team has its work cut out for them, but is clearly up to the task.