If flying a drone over someone else’s backyard to take some photos is one of your hobbies, think again. California just passed a new law into effect which makes the act of using a drone to take pictures of someone on their property a part of the existing physical invasion of privacy law. Assembly Bill 856 was first introduced by Assembly Member Ian Calderon, who said that he thought the existing law needed to be updated to close the loophole and to clarify that it is indeed trespassing for paparazzi to fly drones over private property. Calderon said, “We learned that the paparazzi have used drones for years to invade the privacy and capture pictures of public persons in their most private of activities – despite existing law,” and this new law will prohibit these drones from entering “private sanctuaries,” peering into a stranger’s window” and capturing “goings on and otherwise spy[ing] on the private lives of public persons.”