data collection activities

A 34-page class action was filed against Blackhawk Network for a data breach that occurred on in September of this year. The plaintiffs allege that Blackhawk Network’s failure to prevent or detect this incident was “particularly egregious” since it operates a website where consumers can activate and manage prepaid gift cards, which requires collection

INRIX, a company that provides location-based data analytics, has been collecting, analyzing, and selling aggregated vehicle, traffic, and parking data for over 17 years. Now, after the Roe v. Wade decision, INRIX is under scrutiny for its data collection tactics and the ability to view data related to Planned Parenthood clinics. In a brochure for

On February 27, President Barack Obama, following up on his public announcement that consumer privacy would be on his 2015 agenda, released the discussion draft of the consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act .

The long-awaited bill requires companies to abide by Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), which include:

Transparency with consumers about data collection