Because technology develops so rapidly, and “trends” are fast and furious, it is always hard to predict what the big issues will be for the next year. A year is a long time in the tech field. Just look at how fast ChatGPT became a sensation, with consumers and businesses falling quickly behind in analyzing the risks of its use.

I came across TechRadar’s cybersecurity predictions for 2024, and I think they are spot on (at least as far as we can predict a very long way off in the tech field). Take a look at the top seven predictions, and think about how these predictions, if they come true, can affect your personal and professional life. If you are a business owner, think about how the predictions, if true, would affect the operation of your business. Thinking ahead is key to looking at predictions– how would I respond if the prediction came true? This is the operative question. I am evaluating these predictions for my own personal and professional life, and I urge you to do the same.

Here is a snapshot of the seven predictions, but you should read the whole article.

  1. VPNs become even more relevant for consumers
  2. Bad actors keep using generative AI tools
  3. A step closer to a passwordless world
  4. Security providers to harvest the power of AI
  5. The internet becomes more and more regulated
  6. Internet shutdowns likely to rise
  7. Spread of quantum-resistant cryptography

These are big predictions, and some will come true, and others will fall behind, but whether or not they come true in 2024, they are current issues worthy of close consideration.