The use of generative AI tools, such as Chat GPT, has grown exponentially. However, many users do not understand how the technology works, and how the use of generative AI collects personal or sensitive information of users.

The use of generative AI tools is much like how users use the Internet or social media. They plunge into it because they are curious, or their friends are talking about it, and its “cool.”

Like other forms of technology that have developed in the past, there are serious implications with the use of generative AI on individuals’ privacy. No matter how you use generative AI tools, it is important to understand how the technology is used, how you can protect yourself, and make choices about the information that is collected.

I came across a great article this week recently published by Wired entitled “How to Use Generative AI Tools While Still Protecting Your Privacy.” Instead of regurgitating it here, I offer the link and urge you to read it before you get too used to using generative AI tools.