Not a moment goes by without receiving a new alert of some sort about artificial intelligence (AI). The proliferation of articles and comments about AI is astounding. It is a hot topic to say the least.

I am thinking this is a brilliant career path. Private industry, government agencies, consulting agencies—everyone is looking for talent in the AI space.

As an example, the Department of Defense just announced that it is preparing to release a new data and AI implementation strategy, allowing it to add 10 new data and AI related roles for the Pentagon’s cyber workforce. Sounds pretty awesome.

There is clearly a need to prepare students and young professionals with skills to address the complexities and governance of the use of AI in organizations.

I know I am preparing to devote significant time during my Privacy Law class at Roger Williams University School of Law to discuss AI to start that preparation of our future talent in this space. I urge others to do the same. There will be a tremendous need for talent with knowledge of AI to help organizations navigate the complexities of its use.  It is an exciting opportunity for those who seize it.