Government offices and public services in Fremont County, Colorado, have been disrupted since August 17, 2022, due to a “cybersecurity event affecting our county computer systems.”

As of the official update issued August 24, 2022, “all of the county’s buildings remain closed. This includes administration and public health buildings.”

The update reveals how difficult it is to respond and recover from a cyber-attack, stating: “this devastating incident wreaked havoc with our computer systems.”

It also shows how disruptive it is to not have access to normal electronic processing procedures :

“The motor vehicles personnel have a tent located outside the administration building. They can take license plate tag renewal and handicap tag renewal requests. Minimal paperwork forms are available at the tent, including applications for handicap tags and power of attorney forms. County staff can look over title paperwork but will not keep it as they are unable to process it at this time. Neighboring counties cannot process title work for Fremont County residents.”

Government entities continue to be targeted by cyberattacks, which directly affect the availability of public services provided to area residents. When a government entity gets hit with a cyber-attack, it affects us all.