Unscrupulous criminals use crises to their advantage. Scammers are using the conflict in Ukraine to bilk money from people trying to help those impacted from the attacks. There are numerous accounts of scammers using old techniques to defraud people from funds and personal information.

We all want to help and what is unfolding in Ukraine is tragic. Fraudsters prey on our wishes to aid those in need and know that we are vulnerable to attack because of the emotional toll the war in Ukraine is taking on the world, but particularly the Ukrainians.

If you wish to support Ukraine, do so. But be wary of where you are sending your money. There are many wonderful and legitimate charities that are working hard to assist those in need. But there are others who are using our emotions to help others to steal from us. Be wary of unsolicited requests for donations through email or text. Research the charity to which you are sending your money and make sure you are on the charity’s official website. Be cautious about clicking on any links that are sent to you via text or email. If you are solicited by a well-known charity, take the time to donate directly through their official website and not through unsolicited emails.

The Ukrainians need all the resources and support they can get, so send your charitable donations to a charity that will actually get the funds to them.

According to CNBC, here is a list of top-rated charities for Ukrainian relief.