The incorporation of drones in logistics, security, exploration, agriculture, and transport has led to a projected growth of the drone market to $129.2 billion by 2025. Of course, one hurdle to that growth, and the future integration of drones into our daily lives, is the need for effective monitoring of drone activities and operations to ease not only the public’s perception of drones, but to assist in securing the safety of the skies.

The industry is currently working on a drone tracking method that is user-friendly and can provide information in real time. The idea is that bystanders can determine whether the drone flying above their heads is there for law enforcement, parcel delivery, to assist with a construction project, or perhaps a malicious use, such as invading their privacy. Mobile apps might be an easy way for the public to determine the operators of any aerial activity in an instant.

If this trend takes off, drone manufacturers and drone detectors will have to keep evolving to meet these demands and expand drone usage across industries and across the country