We have noted before how important it is to update the operating system (OS) on your mobile phone as soon as you receive notice from the manufacturer. This week, Apple issued an update to the iOS that is considered urgent.

Apple released two patches this week to address two security vulnerabilities in iPhones, including to protect against Pegasus spyware and WebKit, which is related to how Safari is displayed on screens.

The first patch aims to prohibit a zero-click exploit that launches code in iMessage that allows spyware to be deployed and used against users. This vulnerability is concerning because it does not require the user to open a link for the malicious code to be deployed and have access to the mobile device.

The second patch is designed to fix a vulnerability discovered by a security researcher, which allows threat actors to use malicious web content to exploit iPhones and iPads.

Message today: UPDATE YOUR iPHONE OPERATING SYSTEM ASAP. To do so, plug in your phone, go to Settings, click on General, then click on Software Settings and download iOS 14.8.