Some of those who are fortunate enough to have received the COVID-19 vaccine are so excited that they have been posting their vaccine card on social media accounts. Perhaps when they post it, they are not looking at it as they would a credit card number, driver’s license, or Social Security card. However, the information on the vaccine card is personal information that can be used, in combination with other personal information, to put you at risk of identity theft.

Depending on the state in which you live and where you obtain your vaccine, different data elements may be included on the vaccine card, including your name, address, date of birth, vaccine dates, and where you were vaccinated. All of this information is private and personal and could be used by criminals to try to steal your identity. Furthermore, the information can be used to make a fake vaccination card, in the same manner that criminals make fake Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, and credit cards.

Treat your vaccine card just as you do other important documents. It is exciting to receive the vaccine and share your joy; think twice before posting the vaccine card on any social media accounts.