It is being reported by Cointelegraph that ransomware group Netwalker is offering for sale data it exfiltrated from Pennsylvania based Crozer-Keystone Health System after the system declined to pay the requested ransom.

According to the report, Netwalker offered to sell the data through its darknet website for six days and if no one buys it, it will auction it off to the highest bidder.

According to Crozer-Keystone, it is investigating a malware attack. Cointelegraph reports that it was able to access Netwalker’s publication of the data which included “dozens of folders with an undisclosed amount of data, mostly concerning finances, but nothing related to medical records of patients.” It is being reported that Netwalker is claiming that Crozer-Keystone did not pay the requested ransom.

Unfortunately, the threat of publication of exfiltrated data by ransomware groups is becoming more common and appears to be the new business model of these attackers.