Last week, a medical delivery drone flying from the People’s Hospital of Xinchang County to the disease control center there successfully completed the air transport of needed medical quarantine supplies and patient samples in the coronavirus outbreak. This is the first launch of Antwork’s “urban air transportation channel” to help fight the coronavirus outbreak in China. Antwork is a technology company that provides large-scale robotic delivery network solutions. This task was accomplished using drones from the Terra Drone Group.

To respond to the needs of the epidemic and to prevent and control further outbreaks, Antwork provided rapid delivery of medical samples and quarantine materials through the deployment of its drone transportation network. In order to minimize the contact opportunities between the samples from infected patients and personnel in the delivery, Antwork used its automatic and unmanned operation mode, and drones from the Terra Drone Group, to accelerate the delivery. The actual transportation process saw a 50 percent increase in efficiency compared with ordinary road transportation. The use of drones for transport also allowed more staff and ambulances to be used in the front-line defense by conserving human and material resources. Using drones for medical supply delivery is a task that all nations are thinking about, which could greatly increase efficiency and help save lives during medical emergencies and disasters as well as disease outbreaks such as this.