I am on vacation this week in beautiful Jackson Hole. The skiing is epic, the restaurants amazing, 1921 silver dollars inlaid in the tops of two bars, elk and moose abound, and I’ve had a sighting of several coyotes, a badger, and owls. Sounds idyllic. It is for the most part, except for ransomware attacks.

Technology intrusions, specifically ransomware attacks have stormed the pristine, majestic, and peaceful snow-capped mountains.

Threat actors don’t care that you are on vacation or that you have other priorities in your business that day. They know that you know security is important, but that you aren’t putting it as high on your priority list as you should. They know that you have not educated your employees on cyber-risks and that they will click on links and attachments that they shouldn’t – features that might be infected with malware or ransomware. They know that we are all working too hard and too fast. They know that someone in our organization will make a mistake. They know that we are dependent on technology and data, and they know where we are most vulnerable. So they attack and attack until they get in. And they complicate my vacation in a peaceful place.

We continually warn about ransomware attacks. We can’t warn you more. We write about it every week, warn about it in presentations, trainings, and webinars.  Let’s be super clear – we are seeing more ransomware attacks right now than ever before. All we can say is: prepare for ransomware attacks now, as they are more rampant and are becoming more frequent and more vicious than we have ever seen. They are disruptive, and preparing for them before you get hit will ease that disruption so you can recover more quickly.