Everyone should be aware that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. TechNewsWorld is urging all users to “Own IT,” which “means staying safe on social media, updating privacy settings, and keeping tabs on apps. Simply put, users need to take better ownership of their data and their online presence as part of daily safe cyber practices.”

One of the problems the authors see, and with which I agree, is that “people tend to share too much on social media…[u]sers need to limit what they’re sharing and do a better job of protecting sensitive data and information.”

Some solid suggestions for “owning it” include:

  • Be vigilant about privacy and know how your data are collected and used (this means READ the privacy policy when you download an app and make an informed decision about whether you want to download it or not)
  • Use long and strong passphrases
  • Update software regularly
  • Implement multifactor authentication
  • Place a fraud alert though the credit bureaus
  • Keep privacy settings up to date, and reset them when you download a new application or patch
  • Only download apps from an official app store
  • Refrain from divulging or displaying personal information on social media that “could be used in any nefarious way,” including birth dates, detailed information about upcoming events, plans or vacations, or personal information about your residence.

“Think from the perspective of what a malicious actor would do with the information you’ve posted.”

I couldn’t agree more. For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, focus on your cyber hygiene and Own IT.