Darkreading.com has issued a survey entitled: Monetizing the Insider: The Growing Symbiosis of Insiders and the Dark Web which states that malicious insiders are responsible for 27 percent of all cybercrime. This statistic confirms that cyber criminals are increasingly recruiting insiders by using the dark web as a recruiting tool.

So not only do businesses have to worry about employees who make honest mistakes and cause security incidents, or disgruntled employees who steal company information, but now they have to worry about malicious insiders who are being recruited by criminals on the dark web.

The recruiters are plying criminals to take jobs at companies in order to steal personal and confidential business information, and to introduce malware and ransomware into the company’s system.

More and more companies are implementing security monitoring tools to assist with identifying malicious insiders who threaten the company. Other mitigation strategies include strong access control measures, encryption technology, log management, auditing tools and predictive analytics.

Protecting your organization from a cyber threat has many layers, and protection from insider threat continues to get more and more complex.