Last week, officially launched a self-driving program in Arlington, Texas. This is the second self-driving service that it has launched on public roads in the last four months; the first was launched in Frisco, Texas. will deploy its self-driving vehicles in the downtown district, which will make this technology available to more than 400,000 residents as well as visitors to the area. The fleet will run on-demand between fixed pick-up and drop-off locations. Rides can be requested either by using one of the kiosks located throughout the service area, or by downloading the app. says there are three key elements to the advancement of self-driving programs:

  1. Leveraging deep-learning technology, which in turn will allow greater scalability;
  2. Implementing a “people-centric” approach by prioritizing a safe, smooth experience for riders, pedestrians and other drivers; and
  3. Working closely with regional and local governments to deploy self-driving programs.