Traditional tickets (paper, that is) have already been replaced with mobile tickets for many Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums across the country, but now, MLB has teamed up with CLEAR, which provides biometric authentication, to implement biometric ticketing at select stadiums. CLEAR will allow baseball fans to use their fingerprints, and eventually facial recognition, to enter the stadium. This program will begin later this season, and the full rollout will happen sometime next season.

In order for fans to use this CLEAR service, fans need to link their account with a CLEAR account. MLB’s executive vice president, Noah Garden, said, “Our collaboration with CLEAR is an important new technology initiative, delivering safe, simple and seamless experience for fans. Developing a partnership that will truly unify emerging identity technology and ticketing is reflective of our commitments to always improving ballpark accessibility and maintaining critical security standards.”

Eventually, this program will expand to concession stands, allowing fans to pay for their food and drink with biometrics using their CLEAR accounts as well. CLEAR will even be able to validate the individuals age for alcohol sales.