DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, has announced its strengthened commitment to enterprise drone users with new improvements to its geofencing system. Professional drone pilots with authorization to fly in sensitive locations can now use a streamlined application process to receive unlocking codes within 30 minutes. DJI’s geofencing systems uses GPS and other navigational satellite signals to automatically help prevent drones from flying near sensitive locations like airports, nuclear power plants and prisons. These improvements are carefully designed to help expand the uses of drones in sensitive areas that have been restricted in DJI’s geofencing system. While those sensitive areas will remain restricted for drone hobbyists (i.e., non-commercial pilots), DJI will now staff its global authorization team 24-hours a day to process applications and provide unlocking codes quickly for commercial operators.

Managing Director of North America, Michael Perry, said that DJI is hoping to “make it easier for authorized pilots to put drones to work in sensitive areas.” DJI said that it tries to process requests within 30 minutes, though some requests involving unusual circumstances or requiring additional documentation may need additional time. Commercial drone operators can apply to unlock restricted zones at DJI’s website.