This week, a new group of unmanned aerial system (UAS or drone) industry leaders announced the creation of the Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI),  a policy-oriented coalition of manufacturers, suppliers, and software developers of hobbyist and commercial drones meant to help represent the interests of individuals, businesses, governments, scientists, academics and others who fly drones in the U.S. national airspace. The Executive Director of the ADI is Jenny Rosenberg, former U.S. Department of Transportation acting assistant secretary for aviation and international affairs.

ADI succeeds the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, which was formed in 2016; the ADI seeks to expand the prior Alliance’s mission and reach to reflect the growing number of stakeholders working to develop new technological capabilities of drones, as well as the increased legislative and regulatory activity. The ADI hopes to promote awareness and understanding of the UAS industry among policymakers, media and the general public, as well as help the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Congress in regulating the national airspace for drones, creating a practical regulatory framework, and supporting new, technological solutions that eliminate the need for static technology mandates. To learn more about the alliance, click here.