According to bloggers on, security risks around IoT continue to be problematic, and a new free guide, “The Developer’s Guide to IoT” has been published specifically for IoT device developers, which is a welcome contribution to the industry.

The guide, walks developers through ways ”to meet the security, analytics and testing requirements for IoT applications.” This is important because in the past, developers would develop new IoT products (like refrigerators, security systems, toys, personal assistants) devices, and applications without a clear strategy on how those applications and products would interconnect with other IoT applications and how that interconnectivity could be damaging to consumers. For instance, if a consumer has an IoT home security system, and it is connected to the consumer’s wireless network along with every other IoT device or product in the home, then if a hacker is able to intrude into the security system, all of those devices, products and applications may be accessible, including medical devices and personal information. Personal digital assistants have access to consumers’ lights, heat and A/C, managing webcams and appliances.

More importantly, and on a bigger scale, when IoT products include industrial control systems, waste water treatment, sanitation, energy and other critical infrastructure, the results can be devastating.

Additional messaging and guidance to IoT developers is welcome and important so IoT products and applications in the future have a strong security platform and all links in the IoT system are secure.