Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. I wish it was more uplifting than the current state of affairs, but it has never been so important.

One of the most recent scam to hit consumers is by impersonating Netflix.

If you are a Netflix user, beware of a new scam that looks like an email that comes from Netflix that tells users that their account is disabled and asks users to input bank account information to enable the account. It uses the Netflix logo and looks very real. It says they are having “trouble with your current billing information,” that they will try later, but in the meantime, please provide current information like telephone number and bank information.

When users input the information, the hackers now have access to the users’ bank information.

The email is sent to users from supportnetflix@checkinformation.com. When users click the embedded link within the body of the email, it forwards them to a fraudulent Netflix page where they enter their bank information, which hackers then have access to and can use.

Don’t relay your bank account information through a website or online and beware of this scam using Netflix’s logo. Enjoy your movies—but always be safe with your bank account information.