The Apache Struts vulnerability has been mentioned frequently in the media over the past month, as it is believed to have been involved in one of the largest and most damaging data breaches in history.

The vulnerability was first disclosed in March 2017 and is believed to have affected (and is still affecting) hundreds of corporate networks. The FBI has issued a flash alert requesting help from the private sector to track a group that is presently targeting older versions of the open source web application framework Apache Struts.

The FBI’s alert provides technical indicators from a recent corporate breach where a hacker was able to exploit a remote code executing vulnerability in Apache Struts to deploy simple backdoor implants that then allowed the hacker to obtain widespread access within the compromised network.

The FBI is asking corporations in the private sector to assist with information that can help them track down the culprits behind the loss of a vast majority of Americans’ most sensitive information. Although we all feel helpless that it happened, let’s work together to stop them. Compare the technical indicators with your own system and alert the FBI if you have been a victim.