Last week, our Data Privacy + Cybersecurity Insider reached a milestone—we hit our 100th privacy tip! This week, we mark that milestone with a special edition Privacy Tip: the top 10 most-viewed privacy tips. Our readers can use this list as a refresher resource for some of the most important privacy tips to remember at work and at home. Here are the links to the top 10 tips:

1. Who is listening to your conversations through your smartphone microphone?
2. Know how apps are accessing and using your constant location
3. How teachers can assist students to be safe online
4. What are digital assets and why should I care?
5. Safety Tips for Using Twitter When Anonymity is Crucial to Your Safety
6. What do I do when I get a letter informing me of a data breach?
7. Beware of fake USB drives and phone chargers
8. Protecting seniors from scams
9. 10 Tips to Help Protect Your Senior Loved Ones
10. Payment Card Breaches – Both Sides of the Story

Be sure to check out next week’s Insider for a new privacy tip.