Nevada has become the third state in the Union to adopt a law that requires operators of websites and online services to provide notice to consumers who are Nevada residents of their practices around the collection and sharing of personal information, including consumers’ names, address, email address, telephone number, Social Security number or an identifier that can be used to contact the person physically or electronically.

The law requires operators to provide reasonable notice to consumers about the categories of information the operator collects and shares with third parties; provide the consumer with the opportunity to review and request changes to his or her personally identified information; describe the process that will be used to notify consumers of material changes to the notice; provides notice of whether a third party can collect personally identifiable information when the consumer uses the website or online service; and provide the effective date of the notice.

The new law goes into effect on October 1, 2017. Penalties for violation of the statute include an injunction or a civil penalty of $5,000 for each violation.