CNN’s Aerial Imagery and Reporting (CNN AIR) unit received its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 waiver last week for closed-set drone operations over people for motion picture and television filming. This is the first Part 107 waiver of its kind. While CNN already has a Part 107 waiver to fly drones over members of the public for media coverage (i.e., newsgathering and reporting), this new waiver will allow CNN AIR to operate a range of drones over ‘uncovered people who are participating in filming operations.’ Senior Director of National Newsgathering Technology for CNN Air, Greg Agvent, said, “We are delighted the FAA has approved CNN’s application for closed-set filming authority under Part 107. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the FAA to move UAS forward for newsgatherers and filmmakers and for the commercial UAS industry at large.” This is yet another step forward in the commercial drone industry, particularly when it comes to allowing flights over people, which has been, and still is, an issue up for discussion by the FAA and lawmakers alike.