Remember when TV was free? Okay, most of you don’t, and I was just a tot, but back in the day, it was free. We didn’t have dozens of channels or choices, but everyone could watch the major networks and PBS without a cost. These days, there are charges for everything—including downloading music, videos and movies. Tonight, I was glad my household pays for a certain network that features New England sports—including the Bruins—so I could watch the Bruins win their first playoff game!

So why am I reminiscing about free TV from the past? Because nowadays, we pay for our digital entertainment. Nothing is free. So the offer to download a movie, sports events, games or music is just what you think it is—suspicious. Often, it is a ruse to get you to download malware. And then the infector has access to all of the information on your computer.

So if you get an offer to go to a website or download an app that will allow you to download free entertainment, steer away from the website or app and refuse the download, because it is probably a scam. And don’t ever give them your credit card number.

Remember that you get what you pay for and nothing in life is free, including entertainment. And also remember that downloading entertainment without paying for it may get you in trouble for piracy.