Starting February 6, WNYC is starting a 5-day plan “to solve that digital dilemma” of having the convenience of living online, but trying to take control over who gets your personal information and what they do with it. It’s called the Privacy Paradox series.

I just signed up for the series on their site.

You might want to as well.

Here’s the plan: WNYC will send us 5 newsletters each day during the challenge week. Each one will provide tips and a “short podcast explaining the science, psychology, and tech behind that days challenge.” And after the 5 days of tips and podcasts, we will take back our digital identity “and maybe even your soul.” Wow.

The five days are as follows:

Day 1—What Your Phone Knows
Day 2—The Search for Your Identity
Day 3—Something to Hide
Day 4—Fifteen minutes of Anonymity
Day 5—Your Personal Terms of Service

And then you take a quiz.

Now, I am hoping that my readers will ace these paradoxes, and the quiz, (since, by the way, this is Privacy Tip #72), but we can always learn more and the featured speakers are experts in the field and know their stuff.

So join me in signing up for the Privacy Paradox before February 6 and let me know what you think and how you did. And since I’m not on Facebook because my account got hacked, someone post it on Facebook and see what Facebook’s algorithms do with it!