Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood filed a Complaint against Google last week for alleged violations of the state’s Consumer Protection Act for its collection and use of students’ personal information and search history. The suit alleges that Google is using public school students’ information through G Suite for Education accounts to “advance its business interests and increase its revenue.”

The suit alleges that Google is tracking, recording, using and saving search histories of students in an unlawful way by building profiles of the students to use it for advertising purposes.

The AG stated: “Through this lawsuit, we want to know the extent of Google’s data mining and marketing of student information to third parties.”

Google has signed on to the K-12 School Service Provider Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy, agreeing to certain protections of student information, including not collecting, maintaining, using or sharing student personal information except as authorized by the school, the parent or the student.

The suit seeks a declaration that Google engaged in a deceptive scheme in violation of the Consumer Protection Act, injunctive relief to require Google to stop the practices and $10,000 for each Google student account opened in the State of Mississippi.