Last week, the University of Wisconsin Law School notified 1,213 applicants from 2005-2006 that their names and Social Security numbers were breached back in November. The University discovered that a hacker gained access to the applicants’ data on November 3rd, but the investigation is still ongoing. No other personal information was accessed.

A spokesman for the University’s police department, Marc Lovicott, said that the University is working with out-of-state law enforcement to investigate the breach further and they have identified an individual who they believe to be the hacker. However, because the investigation is ongoing, Lovicott cannot comment on whether there was a motive for targeting these specific admission years. Lovicott said, “It’s a very active and open investigation. We’re trying to be as transparent as we can be because we know people are concerned about their personal information.” They do know that the hack occurred from within the United States but not within the state of Wisconsin. Each applicant will receive free credit monitoring.