There are reports of a java keylogger that is able to copy and forward credit card details from online checkout forms that are used on shopping websites. It has reportedly affected several dozen online shopping websites that use the Magento open-source ecommerce platform.

What does this mean? When you buy something online, and you go to check-out, you come to a screen where you in-put all of your information, including your name, address, credit card number, and security code. While you are putting that information in the blanks, malware that has been inserted by hackers is able to forward all of that information directly to the hackers in real-time. This means that hackers can get access to your credit card information immediately and start using it without your knowledge.

During the holidays, we are purchasing more, using our credit cards more, and getting in the shopping frenzy. Be mindful of the risks of online shopping and especially the sophistication of hackers in stealing our financial information.

Watch your credit card bills closely and be vigilant with your credit cards during the holiday season. Happy holidays!