If you are considering purchasing a drone this holiday season, make sure to check out the newly launched online training course created by the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) designed specifically for drone hobbyists. This new course, called SAFEGUARD, is about one hour long and covers safety topics such as understanding airspace, identifying and avoiding hazards, weather effects on drones, planning safe flights, and current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. SAFEGUARD is for all skill levels and can be accessed and purchased via www.FlySafeguard.com (or even through Amazon, Sporty’s Pilot Shop and other retailers, too).

And if you decide to take your drone flying hobby to the next level, and start using drones for commercial purposes (of course be sure to follow FAA regulations), SAFEGUARD provides each user with a record of completion which is redeemable through some of USI’s insurance partners for a discount on insurance.