As the holiday season comes to an end, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will vamp up its focus on recreational drones. Why? Because hundreds of thousands of drones were given as gifts, and the FAA will increase its efforts to encourage new drone owners to safely operate their new devices. Last year at this time, the FAA released its small drone registration rule, and now, this year, the FAA has released a video directed at new drone owners, which provides them with some background for safe and legal recreational drone operation. Check that video out here. In the video, in addition to basic safe operation tips, the FAA also encourages first time drone operators to use the FAA’s smartphone app, B4UFly, which will provide additional situational awareness related to fight regulations. The FAA also informs drone operators to respect the privacy of others, even though typically the FAA stays out of the privacy realm when it comes to drone operations. So if you received a drone this holiday season, check out the FAA’s video and keep up to speed on important safety and legal requirements for your drone operations.