All enterprises are struggling with the security risks posed by the use of mobile devices by employees. Companies want their employees to have easy access to information so that they can perform their job functions in an efficient and easy way, yet allowing easy access to company data through mobile devices are security professionals’ nightmare.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued guidance entitled, Assessing Threats to Mobile Devices & Infrastructure: The Mobile Threat Catalogue, a 16 page analysis of how companies can assess the risks posed by mobile devices to the organization and implement best practices to protect the enterprise information technology.

According to the publication, and supported by real world experience, mobile devices pose a unique threat to enterprises, and current protections of mobile devices may not be sufficient to fully protect the system.

With that in mind, the guidance outlines a “catalogue of threats to mobile devices and associated mobile infrastructure to support development and implementation of mobile security capabilities, best practices, and security solutions to better protect enterprise information technology.”

It is a worthwhile read, and NIST has extended the ability for professionals to comment on the guidance until November 10, 2016.