Nakeisha Hall was sentenced in federal district court in August to serve nine years and two months in prison after she plead guilty for crimes she committed while working for the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service. Instead of advocating for taxpayers, she actually used taxpayers’ personal information to commit fraud and identity theft against them.

Her job was to help taxpayers who were victims of identity theft, but in fact, she used their information in a tax-fraud scheme with three others that netted them $1.5 million after filing false tax returns. She stole taxpayers’ identities through unauthorized access to IRS computers and then filed the false tax returns.

She reported to prison on September 13, 2016. In sentencing her, the Judge stated “This is one of the most extensive tax fraud schemes I’ve ever seen.” The judge also commented that although she was entrusted to help taxpayers who had already been victims of fraud, “Instead you preyed on them and victimized them again.”

After serving her prison sentence, she will then undergo five years of supervised release.