The Manhattan District Attorney announced this week that a former employee of Lenox Hill Hospital’s wife plead guilty to grand larceny, identity theft in the first degree, and criminal possession of stolen property after her husband stole over 80 patients’ information while employed at the hospital, gave it to her, and she then used the information to access the patients’ bank accounts and buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of designer merchandise.

According to the DA, the accused’s husband, who worked at the hospital and had access to patients’ names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers, gave the information to his wife, who used the patients’ credit card accounts and place fraudulent telephone orders. In some cases, she was able to obtain account information directly from the card holders’ customer service representatives since she had authentication information.

The DA further alleged that in one instance, she took over a deceased patients’ account just hours after the patient expired.

All in all, she was able to purchase over $300,000 of luxury merchandise and attempted to purchase over $1 million from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Her husband, the employee of Lenox Hill Hospital was fired and subsequently convicted of attempted grand larceny. The DA praised Lenox Hill Hospital on its assistance with the investigation, shutting down the scheme and bringing it to the DA’s attention.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 13, 2016.