The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) has issued a warning to businesses alerting them to the risks posed by employees downloading the Pokemon GO app on a company issued phone.

The warning urges companies to prohibit the downloading of the app on any devices used for company business, including phones or tablets subject to bring your own device programs.

The IAITAM is concerned about the security of the business information that could be accessed by using the popular app and urges companies to keep the app off of any device that connects to the company’s network.

The concerns include data breaches due to the information that can be accessed through the app, knockoff versions that have been reported to be infected with malware, and allowing the use of the game encourages bad behavior of employees to download risky apps that could impact the organization’s data and risk management processes.

IT security professionals in companies may wish to take heed of the IAITAM warnings and get ahead of the security risks posed to their organizations before too many employees download it.