Flock, an artificial intelligence company based in London, announced its development of a risk analysis program for commercial drones that will use real-time weather information and the location of buildings and the most congested areas of people and vehicles to safely and effectively use these drones (away from crowds), such as aerial photography drones and package delivery drones. Flock’s program uses technology to choose routes that are less congested or to fly in those areas only when it will be less crowded (i.e.,not during rush hour). Flock also hopes that its program will be a valuable tool for insurance companies to help quantify risks of individual drone flights.

Flock’s CEO, Ed Leon Klinger, said, “The machine learning element of our technology is what allows us to predict when and where certain areas of cities will become particularly hazardous for drones.”

Flock plans to test its program in London and Singapore, and then possibly conduct some test flights in the U.S. and Japan as well.